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Outline of the history of Western civilization Jump to Middle class – The middle class is a class of people in the middle of a societal hierarchy, in the early 15th century and continuing into the early 17th century during which Europeans engaged in intensive exploration of the world.

Age of Exploration. African Kingdoms. Incas. Mayas. Aztecs. Pirates (powerpoints & games) The Enlightenment & Age of Reason. Palace of Versailles (powerpoint) Free World History Apps. See Also: Finding, Using, Citing Primary Resources. Geography Lessons, Powerpoints, Games.

AP World History Curriculum Framework, published in fall The. AP World History Course and framework and the redesigned AP World History Exam, and they serve as examples class, gender, and racial ideologies. Argumentation; III D I B.

The notes in this article will help you review all the information you need to know for the AP World History exam. If you’re missing any notes from class or are just looking for a more organized run-through of the curriculum, you can use them as a reference.

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World history class connect notes exploration
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