History of portraiture changes in styles and techniques

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Renaissance art

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History of photography

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Portraits have changed a lot over time, for example since the Tudor and Elizabethan portraits people have always wanted to look perfect to impress other people and to show how much power they have. History of photography, method of recording the image of an object through the action of light, or related radiation, on a light-sensitive material.

The word, derived from the Greek photos (“light”) and graphein (“to draw”), was first used in the s. A guest post by San Diego Wedding Photographer, Wayne Yuan. As full-time photographers shooting 30+ weddings a year, we have to admit, sometimes it’s easy to fall into the same old formulas when it comes to portraits.

Self-Portrait Andy Warhol Drowning Girl Roy Lichtenstein Today portraiture is once again a healthy and vital discipline in the art world. While there are quite a few nontraditional approaches out there, many artists are returning to traditional techniques to address contemporary issues, and more people are painting portraits than ever.

Deciding to undertake the task of compiling the substantial triumphs for portraiture styles and methods over time, I plan to introduce it in the span of six notable. Photography has come a long way in its relatively short history. In almost years, the camera developed from a plain box that took blurry photos to the high-tech mini computers we use in our DSLRs and smartphones today.

History of portraiture changes in styles and techniques
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