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Birmingham Repertory Theatre

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We believe our Historical Dictionary of African American Theatre, which was released in Decemberis the reference work that fills the much-needed void in examining past and contemporary.

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Garland Anderson’s play Appearance was a play of black authorship to be produced on Broadway; Oscar Peterson, an internationally famous jazz musician is born in Montréal.

– Negro History Week was celebrated for the first time during the second week of. History A Message from Art Falco, CEO and President, Playhouse Square. The celebration of our 90th Anniversary in gave us the opportunity to tell a unique story about the saving of Playhouse Square.

Feb 01,  · I can’t think of a better way to kick off OD’s celebration of Black History Month than to share with you the true history of Wakanda – the home of Black Panther, which is said to be the most advanced civilization in the world.

Black theatre museum proposed to take over former Brooks Museum

Marquette, home of Northern Michigan University, was ranked as one of the safest college towns in America, according to The SafeWise Report. Northern takes pride in having a campus that is caring, inclusive and ready to take action in light of safety concerns.

History of black theatre take home
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