Astronomy origin and history

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What is Astronomy? Definition & History

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History of astronomy

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Astronomy is the study of the universe, the celestial objects that make up the universe, and the processes that govern the lifecycle of those objects.

Astronomy is largely an observational science. A Brief History of Astronomy Astronomy is the oldest of the sciences. When Stoneage humans turned to an agrarian way of life and began to settle into communities, their. Astronomy is one of humanity's oldest and most fascinating sciences, beginning with the practices of the early astronomers and their assumptions.

Trace the Earliest History of Astronomy Search the site GO. Later in history, 5, to 20, years ago, humankind begins to organize themselves and develop what we now call culture.

A greater sense of permanence in your daily existences leads to the development of myths, particularly creation myths to explain the origin of the Universe. Astronomy is the study of the sun, moon, stars, planets and other objects and phenomena in space.

It has a long, rich history. Astronomy is one of humanity's oldest and most fascinating sciences, beginning with the practices of the early astronomers and their assumptions.

Trace the Earliest History of Astronomy Search the site GO.

Astronomy origin and history
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What is Astronomy? Definition & History