A life history of louis armstrong the musician

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Louis Armstrong

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About Louis Armstrong

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Louis Armstrong Biography

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King Louie

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He also led his own writing on the same argument under the name of Thesis Armstrong and his Stompers. Louis Armstrong was the greatest of all Jazz musicians. Armstrong defined what it was to play Jazz. His amazing technical abilities, the joy and spontaneity, and amazingly quick, inventive musical mind still dominate Jazz to this day.

Louis Armstrong was the founding father of jazz and one of this century's towering cultural figures, yet the full story of his extravagant life has never been told. Louis Armstrong was born in New Orleans, Louisiana to year-old Mayann Albert and her boyfriend Willie Armstrong.

Only weeks after Louis' birth, Willie left Mayann and Louis was placed in the care of his grandmother, Josephine Armstrong. Louis Armstrong and His Music - Louis Armstrong and His Music “The essence of jazz- making something new out of something old, making something personal out of something shared- has no finer exemplar than Armstrong.” (Hasse par.

3) During the ’s a young African American man, otherwise known as Louis Armstrong, helped create. Jan 14,  · Inat the age of 66, jazz master Louis Armstrong recorded a now-famous song titled, “What A Wonderful World.” Armstrong’s very poignant, gravelly-voiced version of this song – brimming with his ebullient character and optimism – is regarded as a classic, and is dearly loved by listeners and music critics alike.

Louis Armstrong has been called the most influential jazz musician of the century. Together this auspicious pairing has resulted in Satchmo, one of the most vivid and fascinating portraits ever drawn of perhaps the greatest figure in the history of American music.

A life history of louis armstrong the musician
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