A history of motocross in extreme sports

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Extreme sport

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A Brief History of Motocross

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By now you get the idea. All of these sports developed out of necessity or just for fun.

A Brief History of Motocross

Jan 31,  · InJoe Tomlinson author of the ‘Ultimate Encyclopedia of Extreme Sports‘ classified extreme sports into those that take place in air, land, and water Nine air sports are mentioned including: BASE jumping, bungee jumping, gliding, hang gliding, high.

But the X Games, a collection of extreme sports competitions whose winter event takes place Januarydid not exist until ESPN (and its hipper offshoot, ESPN2) realized in the early s that there was a huge, demographically desirable slice of America that wasn't watching SportsCenter.

ESPN executives, aware they were missing out on ad. Extreme sport is a name given by the media to the activities which involve danger.

They often include speed, height, or physical exertion. These activities can be in the form of thrilling stunts. BMX stands for Bicycle MotoCross. It's a form of bicycling that is meant to mimic MotoCross motorcycles. There are all sorts of competitive BMX sports including racing and stunt BMX, however, BMX is also a recreational activity enjoyed by millions of kids throughout the world.

Extreme sports pioneer the tracks I raced since Adelanto: The Desert Vipers Grand Prix and the moto park on Anaheim Stadium: Home of the Supercross in So.

A history of motocross in extreme sports
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Extreme Sports: MotoX Motocross