A history of lycergus the leader of ancient sparta

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Lycurgus of Sparta

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Lycurgus of Sparta

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His spear was strong, their money sweet, And Justice unquenchable an honored implicate. Lycurgus was the legendary lawgiver of Sparta. Plutarch describes the life of Lycurgus as if Lycurgus had been a real person. Famous People Biographies Ancient / Classical History Glossary Maps Latin Quotations and Translations.

Who Was the Leader of the Greeks During the Wars Against the Persians? Learn Something New Every Day. Email. The military success of Sparta in the aftermath of Lycurgus, led many great city-states to consider and develop this new form of government, albeit in its crudest form, democracy. Crude because, inter alia, like many other Greek city-states, all was only possible with a heavily-supervised slave system.

Sparta - Lycurgus. Search the site GO. History & Culture. Ancient History & Culture Greece & Sparta Basics Major Figures & Events Ancient Languages Egypt Asia Rome Literature Occupation Index - Leader. Plutarch - Life of Lycurgus Continue Reading. Legendary Lycurgus the Lawgiver of Sparta.

Many scholars, however, tentatively accept that Lycurgus was most likely a real figure in the history of Sparta, probably an important leader of this remote period of Greek history who began the process of shaping the Dorian city-state into a warrior society.

14 - 26, TRANSLATED BY a history of lycergus the leader of ancient sparta W. LIVES OF EMINENT COMMANDERS. The Father of Sparta by Plutarch Lycurgus established harmony, simplicity, and strength in Sparta. People do not obey unless their rulers know how to command.

A true leader himself creates the obedience of his followers. The perfection of the science of government is to make the governed genuinely eager to take orders, just as the.

A history of lycergus the leader of ancient sparta
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